The Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and its Application to the Utilization of Mobile Learning Technologies

Researchers have argued that inclusion of technologies in the teaching-learning places must be preceded by the user accepting the technology. Without this effort, the technologies remain abandoned or heavily underutilized once supplied to school system. So researchers have proposed frameworks that can inform policy makers, education managers and teachers on how best technology can be incorporated in an educational scenario. The most popular of all frameworks is the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) as proposed by Davis, 1989. This study describes how the TAM has been used in predicting the acceptance and utilization of various technologies in teaching and learning places. The study then arguments how TAM can be adopted in the development and utilization of the most recent technological innovation for teaching and learning: – mobile technologies. The study was a documentary analysis of virtual documents stored electronically for access through the internet, text books, archival repositories as well as encyclopedia and was able to reveal that despite attitudinal and technical challenges, mobile technologies are receiving acceptance as useful resources for all pedagogical practices.

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